Butaka School Receives New Computers & Books!

In January/February 2011, the beginning of the Rwanda school year, COEBU/Butaka received new “used” computers and academic textbooks!  This financial donation was from the First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, California.  Based on the government standards, the computers and text books were needed for this school to remain open.

343 new students are enrolled!

The emphasis of this school is Math, Science, and Economics.

COEBU 2011 242

COEBU 2011 234COEBU 2011 230

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2011 June Service Trip

On June 13, 2011 a team of 10 people departed for Kigali, Rwanda. Hosted by the E-Free Church of Rwanda, this team saw some of the work of the church, the schools they’re supporting and the children they’re impacting.

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The team also helped begin work on a wall to support the security of the Church’s campus and was there to see them trained on using the new brick machine–a long anticipated project finally producing bricks! The team encouraged The Church in Rwanda, was encouraged by The Church in Rwanda and returned to report that The Church in Rwanda is alive and well, is engaged in transforming works in 60 congregations throughout the country and our efforts and investments produce significant human ROI (Return on Investment)!


Rwanda 2011, HERE WE COME!

A team is traveling to Kigali, Rwanda in June  2011.  Service project for this June will include building a Permanent Brick Fence for the Kigali-Remera property using the newly acquired Hydraform Machine.

A new Kigali city law requires all properties to be fenced using cement blocks or baked clay bricks.   The new regulations obligate the EFCR to remove the current fence (a well established hedge) and replace it with a permanent fence.  In an unanticipated move, the city ordered the hedge to be removed in November 2008, ahead of provision being in place for a permanent replacement fence.  Until a permanent fence is built, the property remains vulnerable to intruders and theft.  The Kigali-Remera property contains the EFCR office, a medical clinic, the Remera church building, a preschool and a cyber-cafe.  The estimated cost is $15,000.

No longer will violence be heard in your land, nor ruin or destruction within your borders, but you will call your walls Salvation and your gates Praise.  …the LORD will be your Everlasting light, and your God will be your glory.
—Isaiah 60:18-19

We will keep you posted on what’s to come and future events.

For more information email info@educate-rwanda.org.

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2011 Projects – Hydraform Machine

From the proceeds of our 2009 Evening for Rwanda, Educate Rwanda and Valley Church of Vacaville California, together purchased a Hydraform machine.  Hydraform is a world leader in masonry construction and the manufacture of hydraulic block machines, Hydraform specializes in using soil cement Compressed Earth Block (CEB) technology to produce interlocking dry stacked Soil Cement Blocks.

The Evangelical Free Church of Rwanda has a long list of projects this machine will be used for.  One of the first projects, is a government mandated, wall around the Evangelical Free Church in Remera, where a church, clinic, school and cybercafe are all located.  Using the Hydraform Machine, this wall is almost complete!

The next prioritized project is a school dormitory, located in Butaka.  This school is a secondary school, (equivalent to Jr. and Sr. High school) with an emphasis is Math, Computer Science, and Economics.

Trip DRC Zawood 023

Trip DRC Zawood 001



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