Day 2 in Africa

Thursday, June 16

We are ending our second full day in Rwanda.  The weather has been warm, but comfortable and today we all worked hard and will sleep well tonite!

All that you may imagine Africa Missions to be– natives living in huts, big bugs and strange food may be among them.  However, we are staying at Solace House, a comfortable and nice hotel in Kigali, hot water, decent beds have helped us recover from the long flights and 7-hour time change from our CDT time in MN.  Bugs aren’t really a factor–we certainly have more mosquitos in MN!  And the strange food…  We may GAIN weight if we keep eating so well!

One of the factors that motivated the McBride’s to go to Africa was the children.  We’ve seen many of them on their way to/from school and at the sight where we’re working.  They greet you with “good mornings” and “how are you?s” and love to be photographed and shake your hand.  They’re precious and beautiful and filled with joy.  We’re including some photos of them.

Exciting for our team is that the Hydraform machine is up and running and they’re cranking out more than 700 bricks per day, shooting for more than 1,000 per day very soon!  Also, the foundation for a major portion of the wall should be finished by Friday and ready to lay bricks on Monday!  For Rick & Shane, it’s a long range vision that is now a reality.  Further, Nathan from Hydraform is on hand and is able to clearly relay not only technical information, but an amazing potential for what the machine could mean to these people.  Watch for Rick & Shane’s comments on this, but we’re also including photos of the wall/foundation and the brick-making machine.

More later on our garden that we’re also helping to create, but we have some photos of our work on that project as well.

Please keep us in your prayers, as they have carried us well thus far.  We are trying to sleep during the CDT hours of 3 pm and midnight, and some are enjoying better sleep than others.  Please pray for sleep, despite the noisy dogs, cats, birds and roosters with no sense of dawn (they crow between 3-7 am)– that we may sleep through the wild symphony.

Thanks for your help sending us to help the people of Rwanda!

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