Elizabeth’s view of Rwanda


Rwanda is incredibly beautiful, exciting, and positive. The hills are really pretty. They are covered with TONS of plants! Rwanda is exciting because there is always something going on. People are singing, dancing, driving, walking, gardening, working on Hydraform machines, talking, and most important; praising God. You can tell it is positive by just looking at their happy faces.

The week has been really fun! We have done so much! The guys worked on the Hydraform machine, the ladies helped Kezia and some of the other women from the community clean up trash, tarrace, and plant a garden.

Meghan and I have especially enjoyed playing with kids. They love balloons, soccer (football), hackey-sacks, beach balls, temporary tattoos, face paint, hugs, high-fives, chance (knuckles), shaking hands, and listejning to us try tospeak their language!

Kiwandan words we know;

Amacuru: how are you.

Ni Mesa: I’m fine

Murah kozee (roll the r): thank you

Chance: knuckles

Musasa: old man

How they say something’s in English;

goodbye: gootbyee

Elizabeth: Eelisabet

Jennifer: Jenneefah

Well anyway… Thank you for your prayers, they really help.

Murah kozee!

Elizabeth McBride

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