Saying “Good-bye” for now

Well, we have had an awesome week in Rwanda!  Sunday we went to the Ev Free Church in Remera.  Another great service in which we were warmly welcomed and there was great singing and dancing.  It was also wonderful to hear Esron preach.  After about a 3 hour service, Esron invited us to join him and the church leaders to his home for lunch

Monday we made the drive north to Butaka secondary school.  It was the same drive as we made on Saturday to the church in Kabali, BUT also some crazy rough, rocky roads.  Ask Shane and Rick about riding in the back of the 4Runner where the spare tire was supposed to sit!  You might still be able to see the lumps on their heads.

Even with one flat tire and all the bouncing around, it was worth it.  As we drove into the area, dozens and dozens of children yelled out “Muzungu” (white people) and ran after our cars.  We got to stop and meet the mayor.  And then we finally got to visit the school.

We went into a couple classrooms to greet some of the students.  The fist room we entered had over 90 students in it, sitting 4 to a seat!  They were so well behaved and excited to see us.  I was impressed to see hand drawn diagrams of internal human anatomy on the board in the second classroom – yeah, science!

Then we went out to the “multi-purpose room” – aka the yard – to greet and be welcomed by the whole school…all 430 some of them!  They sang, danced, and read poems for us.  We were able to give them some soccer balls,  many textbooks, etc.  The headmaster was very pleased.  They, too, blessed us with a meal before our trip back.

Today (Tues) we went to the Genocide Memorial in Kigali.  Incredible stories, pictures, artifacts…and even mass graves.  Horrific.  Lots of healing continues to take place to this day.  Byron flew home at 1:40.  Pray for his flight and transition back to work.  In the afternoon we went to a market so the McBrides could buy a few souvenirs before their flight out at 6:40.  They are headed to Kenya for a safari before returning home.

Rick H, Rick M, Shane, and I went back to Remera this afternoon to see the progress on the wall.  They started laying bricks today – looks great!  They have already had people stop and ask them about buying bricks…and the assistant mayor is coming to see the wall tomorrow!  Very cool!

Rick, Rick, and Shane take off tonight (actually 2 am) for South Africa.  So then I start the next phase of my time in Rwanda.  Please pray for safe travels for everyone and for clarity of details for me.

Thank you and blessings!


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