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The almost completed wall!Here is the almost completed wall!  And the bricks to finish it are already made and just need to dry.  :)  In fact, I believe they have already started making bricks for the next side of the wall.



Here is a view of most of the garden.  It may not look like much, but you should have seen it before – full of trash, etc!  Team, you’ll see that there is some trash there now…and some parts of the wall are coming down…  However, Kezia has really been committed to work on the garden.  They don’t really weed or clean up the garden much, but Kezia is really caring for each individual plant.  Because it is the dry season and the sun is pretty intense, it is a difficult time to get things to grow. Quite a number of the seeds we originally planted didn’t make it.  However, we are making much use of the hose and watering cans.  And you will see in the next photos some of the plants which are doing well.


P8090687The cabbage has been the most successful crop we planted.  You can see Kezia put some dried grasses down – I think that is probably to try to hold in some of the moisture.


P8090688Here is some spinach that will be ready to be eaten soon!


P8090691Tomato plants – remember, everything was started from seeds.


P8090692Collard greens

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