trip 2014 day 5

Traveled yesterday to Butaka where we stopped for a worship service at a church that we had provided funds for a roof, I brought them greeting from Maple Grove and complimented them for their great faith because this church started with just a few members and now has 150 adult attenders and let them know that their faith is known to God and now will be know in Maple Grove.

The roads have been improved dramatically however where the improvements stopped it was very rough &  slow travel, making our way over to the high school (COBUE) was at a pace not much faster than walking and Eddie the driver would have to stop occasionally to force the kids away from the vehicle because they would try to hitch a ride on the back.

One young boy is running along side and he says ” umazungo America” (white person) I respond yes and extends his hand and says “money!” to which I answer no money, his final words were “American without money not possible”. This response is all to common here although in Kigali fair skinned people are common enough that you don’t get that reaction, over time I suppose we have created this belief that we = $$ and Rwanda is not the first place for this.

I returned late and went to have dinner it the hotel close by where I ran into a couple of new friends which made it late by the time I walked back to the guest house.

Today I have one meeting at 3:00pm  so I grabbed a Moto (motorbike for hire) and visited the Genocide Museum,it is a very interesting place to visit.

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