trip 2014 day 6

Today was an somewhat relaxed day given that is Sunday, with his trustworthy driver Eddie, Esron picked my up and we again headed north this time he promised the road would not be so rough. I was glad to hear that since on Friday we broke something on his Toyota 4×4 because of the rough road. We went to a town called Byumba for worship at a new Church recently planted in that location and because it is now a town the government is requiring that the building be made of a durable material not mud brick. They have the foundation in but nothing else so we Praised God on the top of the mountain with the congregation sitting in the open and the dignitaries under a tarp to keep the sun off us. I read from Matthew 21:28 – 32 and then gave the testimony of how God though Jesus saved me and by the Spirit I have been brought to visit them. Esron preached a very good message from Ephesians 2:1 -8 about the saving Grace of God.

Following the service we were invited to Pastor Jean’s home for lunch consisting of potato, cooked cabbage, beans and peanut stew. The hospitality of people in Rwanda amazes me.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Byumba that the church would continue to grow and they would be able to finish their building soon, pray for the men especially since very few men come to church even after their wives become believers,  this area practices ancestor worship believing their ancestors can help them in life, they set up shrines to them and when they come to Christ the believers get together and Praising God break down the shrines.

Not that anymore excitement was needed but Eddie got stopped on the way down the mountain for speeding,¬†although I couldn’t tell what speed we were supposed to be going, when the officers saw there were pastors in the car the let us go.

Pastor Gerald (regional lead for that area) send his greetings to MGEFC!

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