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For the past 12 years College de l’Unité has served the growing region of southeast Rwanda with five well-built classrooms and dedicated, certified teachers who instruct the young people on basic subjects and English lessons. The teachers are preparing the students for the 2010 government initiative which states that every Rwandan is to use English as his/her first language. This established school has classroom space to educate at least 300 students if proper living facilities are corrected. There are no other secondary schools in Kigufi and few high schools in this region of Rwanda; therefore, children are extremely happy to be in this secure environment.

A critical need at College de l’Unité is housing for the students. The present sleeping conditions are not only inadequate but barbaric and degrading. Dozens of male students are sleeping on the floor in a classroom and the girls are living in a rented hog barn-like shelter. Neither have proper sanitary facilities. In addition, the lease on this rented building will be terminated for the next school year.

The present facilities do not meet current government standards and therefore the school is in jeopardy of being closed. This past year, Rwanda’s Ministry of Education has stopped enrollment of a new first year class, turning away up to 100 potential students, due to inadequate living conditions. Without proper facilities, the government will close the entire school by early 2010.

As a result of this visionary trip, a team from Maple Grove has organized Educate Rwanda to make a difference in eastern Africa.

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