Why Rwanda



We feel a holistic approach is essential to meeting the needs of those who want to improve their quality of life.  By helping to set up self-sustaining business and education within the local communities, the needs will continue to be met from within the community and not just reliant on the next donation.

Facts about Rwanda:
  • In 1994, Rwanda suffered through a devastating genocide leaving behind several hundred thousand orphans and widows.
  • Following the genocide, education stopped, teachers fled and schools were closed for 6-8 years.
  • Today, many children still are not enrolled in primary school forcing them to labor in the fields at a very young age. Countless children are heads of households and at risk of prostitution, exploitation, human trafficking and slavery.
  • Of the children that enroll in school, half do not complete primary education and only 10% go on to secondary education.
  • Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame has set out to do something that has never been done before: pull an African country from misery to prosperity in the span of a generation.
  • The government’s campaign against corruption enables the people, 91% in subsistence farming, to move into sustainable market-based production allowing long-term economic growth for all.



R  – Red sunsets each night as your mamas make chips over outdoor fires

W  – Winding roads through the countless fields that quilt your 1,000 hills

A  – Arms outstretched as you dance and praise your faithful God

N  – Noises of children and laughter brighten your darkest of nights

D  – Dresses of bright cloth carry your wares above and your little ones behind

A  – Always remember; never forget.  Rwanda – Africa’s lesson to the world

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